Come on...Sorry for the lack of updates. Lots of stuff have been released this year...And my first LP is about to be released on La Station Radar. I will not update the discography section on this site anymore, please refer to the myspace blog.
I played recently with my mate Max "High Wolf" in Lyon opening for Sun Araw and we had a great time...I'm still recording some stuff but groovier...Well I think...Do not hesitate to drop me a line on myspace kids.




hey folks,
I don't know whether this page is read...anyway I didn't update for ages. Lots of stuff have been released these last months, including Wizard Wizard on La Station Radar (really like this one), They all dreamt they were bears on Kimberly Dawn, Eagle Kiss on Blackest Rainbow. Also a split tape with Donato Epiro on Rottifer Cassettes.
In the next few months: split with Rob Funkhouser, a digital single on Beko DSL, new full lengths on La Station Radar, Stunned Records, Wet Merchants and Ruralfaune...Still wanted to book some shows in France, but schedule is quite insane for the next coming weeks.


The Surf is out now on Under the Spire. It's almost sold out. I have still a few copies and the label as well. A new album will be released next year on Blackest Rainbow (Eagle Kiss) and The Chanting Path will be reissued as a cdr.
I will have a 3" cdr on La Station Radar, as well as a full length not yet recorded.
I'm recording those days some kind of pop songs. I have uploaded two of them on myspace stuff...I'm now a happy father and it's really great.



After the worst summer I had, we're back on tracks. So three splits are now out:
Pine Smoke Lodge/Archers by the Sea - Split (deadpilot records)
Kawrelia Soul Collective/Archers by the Sea - Split (Cabin Floor Esoterica)
Pine Smoke Lodge/Archers by the Sea - lighting the qulliq vol. 3
(existential cloth recordings)

A new full length on Under The Spire is going to be released in the next few days so stay tuned. It's called The Surf.

Many stuff are planned for the next few months: new albums, splits (Dead Black Arm, Rob Funkhouser etc...)


Lots of new stuff recorded and ready to be released. We made a killer split with Pine Smoke Lodge out soon on Dead Pilot Records...I will try to set up some shows for next Fall in France.



Out now The Pistil Cosmos - The Mystical Wall of Lost Minds on Reverb Worship. You can purchase it here


Hey folks:
I'll be playing with the RuralFaune Collective on 28/06 in Lyon.
We'll share the stage with pocahaunted, sun araw and black vatican. You're more than welcome, info here.
So I have a new record finished and trying to find a cool label. I'm recording for a full length on a very cool british label Under the Spire recordings. there will be a split record with pine Smoke Lodge on Dead Pilot Records.


Out this week : The Pistil Cosmos - A Long Figure in a Dreamlike Place (Thor's Rubber Hammer)
You can purchase the record here

Out soon
Archers by the Sea - Hagar Qim (RuralFaune)
Archers by the Sea - They were floating over the mountain, they were kings (Quilt)
Archers by the Sea - We Love the Sun (Zenenthusia)
3 splits w/DreamSafari
Split w/Kawrelia Soul Collective (Cabin Floor Esoterica)
And many others by The Pistil Cosmos.